AA Pilot Arrested - Omaha


Aug 19, 2002
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These TSA people are getting as bad as the previous group of "diety players" we had just after 9/11. After 18mo I too am getting tired of the hassle. I made the comment that "anyone who works here knows how one could get around security" I was treathened to "watch your mouth". Pure BS. It isn't any safer for me or anyone else if the system can be easily beaten.
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On 3/5/2003 10:53:20 PM AAquila wrote:

Secondly, regarding the TSA, these guys are falling over each other with manpower.
Many take as much as six breaks and extended lunch periods, so as to not be seen.

Theres already an acronym floating around for TSA, its "THOUSANDS STANDING AROUND"


Aug 19, 2002
Published Wednesday
March 19, 2003
Pilot won''t face counts in Omaha

...City Prosecutor Marty Conboy said he reviewed reports of the March 5 incident and declined to file charges against the pilot, Kent A. Raney, 36, of suburban St. Louis.
He said that although comments made by the pilot were inappropriate, they didn''t rise to the level of a threat that would justify a prosecution for disorderly conduct.
Raney and his flight crew became upset over the screening process and made comments to the federal Transportation Security Administration screeners. His co-pilot said he thought it was "ridiculous" for pilots to be screened.
Raney then asked an Eppley police officer manning the checkpoint to accompany him to the cockpit so he could show the officer something.
When the officer declined, Raney told the officer he had an ax in the cockpit and could chop off the officer''s head if he wanted to.
That was the comment that led to the pilot being detained and ticketed for disorderly conduct.
Conboy said he didn''t view the ax comment as a threat. It appeared to him the pilot was questioning why the crew is screened for weapons before entering the plane when they have access to a fire ax in the cockpit.
"It does appear he was in a very inappropriate way trying to make a point about his frustration with screening and was not intending to cut someone''s head off," Conboy said.
"It doesn''t make it right, but it doesn''t rise to the level of a crime."



Aug 20, 2002
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Good for him! It''s absolute nonsense to have to put pilots through such scruitiny, they should be able to pass much easier with their ID cards. I know our government isn''t THAT stupid that it doesn''t realize that a pilot need not carry anything ON the plane that is a weapon, when the plane itself IS a weapon...and in the pilot''s control!