AA Pilots


Dec 13, 2002
To the American Airlines Pilot Group:
You are the industry leaders of which many small pilots groups dream. Walk onto the flight deck of any regional and chances are one if not both pilots one day seek to fly your covetted silver bird.
For those of you who think that management is lieing to you about your current state of affairs, look at your friends at United. For those of you who think that scope is a good idea, look at your friends at USAirways.
Now is not the time to fight, it is however the time to survive. Paranoia will destroy you. As United faces a possbile liquidation and USAirways lives in the throws of collapse do you really want American to join our ranks?
Sure the new face of the industry is not pretty. And perhaps the days of big paychecks are behind us, but one thing is for sure, atleast two if not three carriers will disappear in the next two years.
You have always been leaders and industry role models. Seek that history remembers you in this capacity. Rise to the occasion and let history remember you for who you really are.
A Lone furloughed USAirways Pilot