AA to begin Seasonal Nonstop CLT to ABQ

autofixer said:
I remember flying one of the last CLT-ABQ flights back in the day on a 737-400.  Every seat and jumpseat occupied.  We suspended service the next week.  
When I saw this topic, I have to admit my jump-immediately-to cynical mind figured it was yet another "new route" for some Eagle carrier.  Big whoop!
But the fact that they are actually use a mainline airplane on this is amazing.  And it's not even an E190 mainline!  Incredible!  
This, too, shall pass.  (Ooops....there's that cynical, again.)
Thats great news about new mainline service. Sad part is its seasonal and only for about 10 weeks. June 5 to Aug. 18. Why not fly it at least through Labor Day?
I thought everyone was predicting a shut down of the CLT hub and everything would be flown out of MIA
Kinda surprised we haven't been told what a money losing venture this will be..... from you know who..
shh LD   don't want to "jinx" it now do we   :rolleyes:   we don't really need a million pages of how wrong this is  and if it were a certain airline it'd be ok