AA to mve into


Aug 19, 2002
Got pretty good word that AA is to move some flights back into Terminal B at DFW. This is from several MGRs.
It is certainly needed everyday flights are late because they are waiting for open gates. Some flights are waiting as long as 40 to 50 min. I''m sur some FAs or pilots can attest to that. Expect this to happen NOV 1st when we get the additional flights from STL.
On the other hand with these rolling waves its boom boom boom. There is no break in many of the gate scheds. With no paid lunch periods as an incentive to work through the flight crews are legaly walking off the gate at 6 hrs without a break.
Gee AA spends all that money to covert these gates to RJ
use. Then spends some more to convert back. I guess that''s why I''m a crew chief, I can''t afford to spend money like the big boys.
Lastly we are so short of manpower they are exhausting the overtime list almost on a daily basis. Many clerks are starting to burn out with the heat effect. Also heard ramp is staring to call back off of lay-off. Now that''s good news.

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