AA Wants to double charge me

Jun 30, 2021
I bought two business class tickets back in March from Miami to Montego Bay for departure on Sep 1 2021 and return on Sep 6 2021. Originally, the flight was scheduled for departure at 10:30am and scheduled for return around 6pm and both tickets were issued in business class. from March to the end of May, the departure flight times AND the return times were changed drastically multiple times, to the point where the flight now left in the late afternoon and returned earlier in the afternoon. I called AA and they told me that now they only had one flight from Miami to Montego bay and that was it. Fine, i understood, they are moving their schedules around and it just so happened that the specific flight i was on was an unlucky one.

Early june, however, there was a "new" 10:50am departure flight that appeared on their website for booking and a return flight for later in the afternoon, around 6pm. I called AA, they were able to move my return flight to the later one (business). However, on the departure flight there was only one business seat available. So they told me they can put one of us in business, and sit the second ticket in a "premium" economy seat in hopes of another business seat opening up (otherwise, at least one of us would have had to fly on the later flight). I took it. Told them it was fine, most likely something will open up. Today, there are two available seats in business class in the flight. When i reached out to AA via chat, they are now telling me i have to pay $689 USD to move back from economy to business. Wtf? anyone have any thoughts or have had something similar happen? What's the best way to fight this? I do not think it is fair. Was it a form bait and switch tactic that they used when they offered me to sit in economy and then they can move me into business? thanks!
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after 3 hours on the phone back and forth with various departments and supervisors, they were able to honor their original promise without charging me. I dont know how to close this post.