Adams Aircraft achieves first flight


Jan 2, 2003
Powered by the FJ-33, this looks to be the 1st microjet on the market. This jet suprised most in the industry since it is ahead of schedule. Adams is planning on having it on display at EAA. What do you all think?

Centennial Airport, CO-July 28, 2003 —The Adam A700 made its maiden flight Sunday at approximately 1400 hours Mountain Daylight Time. This marks the first flight of a light jet with production engines. The A700 is powered by Williams International FJ33 turbine engines.

The 50-minute test flight was conducted by Bruce Barrett and Glenn Maben. The takeoff was smooth with no roll on rotation. The pilots climbed to 15,000 feet. Stability, control, slow flight, and aircraft systems were tested. The aircraft entered the pattern and the trailing link landing gear set the A700 gently back on the runway.

Pilot Glenn Maben reported, The A700 handled very well. Stability was excellent and the flight controls were very responsive and predictable. Bruce Barrett commented that Throttle response was smooth and strong. Climb performance was excellent. The A700 handled very well.

We are very pleased with the rapid progress of our A700 jet program said Rick Adam. It is our goal to be first to market in the light jet category, and today was a big step toward that goal. We are flying with FJ33 engines that are scheduled to be certified by the FAA in 2003. This takes a lot of risk factors out of our program.

The A700 is powered by two FJ33 fanjet engines rated at 1,200 pounds of thrust each. According to Williams President Gregg Williams, The FJ33 is derived from the well-proven FJ44 that has accumulated over a million hours in business jet and trainer service. The FJ33 met its design thrust and low fuel rate specifications on its very first run and is well along in its certification program.

The A700 is a follow-on program to the Adam A500 piston twin. The A700 body is about 30 inches longer and has a full-width aft lavatory. The A700 features the Avidyne Entegra flight deck with three large displays. An Avidyne Primary Flight Display (PFD) was on board for the A700 first flight. The spacious cabin features either 6 or 8 seats. Service ceiling will be 41,000 feet and a top speed of 340 kts is predicted. Full fuel (330 gallons) range will be approximately 1500 nm.

The A700, at $1,995,000, should be the price-value leader in available new jets. First customer deliveries are planned for late 2004.

Adam Aircraft is a general aviation designer and manufacturer. The company employs advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing and utilizes advanced composite materials, resulting in very high-performance aircraft at attractive prices. Adam Aircraft has development and manufacturing facilities in Englewood, CO, and Pueblo, CO. The Company anticipates FAA certification of the A500 piston twin in 2003. To learn more about the company, visit

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