AFL-CIO Convention


Oct 29, 2002
Guess what the hot topic is?

Looks like some were big supporters of Obamascare until, what was it she said?

“If the Affordable Care Act is not fixed and it destroys the health and welfare funds that we have fought for and stand for, then I believe it needs to be repealed,” said Terence M. O’Sullivan, president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America. “We don’t want it to be repealed. We want it to be fixed, fixed, fixed.
“We’ve had our asses kicked on retirement security and we know our health funds are under siege,” he added. “We ask the president and Congress to do the right thing for the men and women we represent.”

“Our members are the exact type of people that Obamacare was supposed to take care of,” said D. Taylor, president of Unite Here, a union of hotel and restaurant workers that has about 200,000 members with Taft-Hartley plans, employer-provided coverage named after the 1947 labor law. “We were the first union to endorse Obama. We were big supporters of health care reform.”

“Under the way the A.C.A. has been rolled out by the Treasury and I.R.S. regulations, it will make it completely impossible to live up to that,” he said. “We think this is an example of unintended consequences. And it’s completely disheartening that the biggest earlier supporter of the president hasn’t gotten the same listening and benefit of big business with the one-year delay in the $2,000 penalty.”

“We just want to be treated like equals — we don’t want special treatment,” Mr. Taylor said. “An employer will say, ‘O.K., your plan costs about $10,000 a year. Let me get this straight. I only pay a $2,000 penalty if I drop you. That’s an $8,000 saving for me.’ That’s actually going to happen all over this country.”
But others doubt that unions would get such a carve-out because it would also encourage many nonunion workers to seek tax credits to help with their employer-based plans.
Surprise, Surprise Surprise! Goobermint in action. Are you really surprised?

Boyo Boyo is Trumka on the Warpath. Serves the thug right.
Wasn't there people trying to tell BaRack backers about the ramifications of BaRack-O-Care, when they're legs were all tingley? Think those people were called "Conservatives"!

Reap what you sow, Suckers....err, Brother!
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SEIU unionists strike over Obamacare-related cuts

Members of the Columbus, Ohio-based Service Employees International Union Local 1 have gone on strike over recent job cuts by a janitorial company called Professional Maintenance.
The reason for the cuts? The employer says it is because of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. This is ironic since SEIU is a major supporter of the law.
Tyler French, Local 1's organizing director, told Mediatrackers Ohio the company claimed it had to cut its employees' hours due to Obamacare mandates.
French did not believe the explanation though, calling it the “latest excuse in a long line of many that we’ve seen from corporate America.”

LOL...of course its not Obamascare....

At the AFL-CIO's convention in Los Angeles earlier this month, Loretta Johnson, secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of Teachers, said it was already happening in her union.
"We are seeing employer after employer cut hours so as to avoid the 30-hour definition of a full-time job," Johnson said. The AFL-CIO passed a resolution demanding either Congress or Obama fix the law to stop it from hurting union members.

SEIU enthusiastically backed Obamacare when it passed and remains a booster of the law today.