Agreements Appear to Fall short of $5.8B


Aug 27, 2002
I did the math last night on another post...didn't get any feedback so I thought that I'd start a new topic. Just read the article backs my math.[BR][BR]Folks...if this is true, I think it's all over and a trip to CH11 is going to happen. My sense is that there is every reason to believe UA will emerge intact - albeit smaller. In the end, UA will be stronger and I think Mr. Carty and Mr. Mullins will regret helping to push UA into BK. UA will survive...but it's just so sad to see this happen. After following - and flying - UA for over 15 years, I never, never thought this would happen.[BR][BR]Either least UA has a great leader and everyone has proven their ability to work together. That should make CH11 a bit easier to take.[BR][BR]I hope I'm wrong. Good luck to everyone.[BR][BR][BR]Wage cuts appear short of United Airline target[BR][BR][SPAN class=headline][A href=]Wage Cuts Appear Short of United Target[/A][/SPAN]