Air Canada tries "pit crew" approach to 787 maintenance

We used that approach at NWA doing the cargo whales back in the 90's. We had a bread wagon set up with everything we needed (nitrogen, parts, tooling, tires, jacks, etc.)

We were doing the NWA whales and Asiana, KLM, Korean, EVA, JAL. We were very good at what we did.

Not a new concept.
Kev3188 said:
Saw this over on CF... Interesting approach. Thoughts?
Also, wasn't Butterfield at UAL for awhile? I may be way off, but for some reason that name rings a bell?
Good Memory:
Alan was formerly Vice President of Airframe and Line Maintenance at United Airlines. A position held since 2004, he was responsible for worldwide airframe and line maintenance operations for United's operating fleet. He previously held a number of senior positions at United, responsible for the airline's heavy airframe maintenance and line maintenance at various US bases.
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Kev3188 said:
With teams of 6-8 AMTs?
Our freighter crew had 6. We would normally have 4-6 per aircraft turn on our own ships. We were doing partial "A" checks normally as part of the routine. And yes, we were all A&P's capable of doing all of the maintenance.

We would have one on the engines, one doing walk-around/airframe, one doing main deck cargo work/checks, one on the upper deck/cockpit doing checks. The lead was tracking the paperwork and meeting the fueler and crews, and coordinating with the loadmaster.

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