Aircraft Leases??


Aug 19, 2002
[P][BR]This reminds me...[BR][BR]How many A-320 family are in storage? Seem's like US's threat was to have the leasing contracts tossed and acquire stored aircraft at market rates (read: much cheap than US is currently paying).[/P]
[P]I had heard that Ansett, Swiss, and Sabena have a lot of A-320s laying around that are not used following their demises.[/P]
Does anyone know what happened with the outstanding 2 leasing company''s contracts since October 9th has come and gone? I think we reached agreement with 16 of the 18 and the judge gave U authority to return aircraft on the remaining 2 if agreement was not reached by 10/9. Anyone have information on this?
US and the Seabury Group are negotiating with Simitoma (a large Japanese bank) and MetLife to restructure aircraft lease agreements. It remains uncertain whether or not market rate leases can be obtained with these financiers.

October 9 was the 60th day since the bankruptcy petition was filed with the court where the parties are permitted to take action.

The bankruptcy code permits aircraft in service to be returned to the lease company or repossessed after 60 days, but it remains unclear on what the final disposition will be on these aircraft.