Airline Employee''s Bedtime Poem


Aug 20, 2002
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Airline Employee Bedtime Poem
Last night while I lay sleeping,
I died or so it seems.
Then I went to heaven,
but it was only in my dreams.
But it seems St. Peter met me,
there at the pearly gate.
He said, I must check your record, so
stand right here and wait.
I see where you drank alcohol,
and swore quite often too.
Fact is you''ve done so many things
that a good person should not do.
We can''t have people like you up here,
Your life was full of sin.
Then he read the last of my record,
grasped my hand and said COME ON IN!
He took me to the boss and said,
take him and treat him well....
He''s worked in the airline industry, sir.
He''s had his share of hell!
***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****​
Mar 2, 2003