Airline execs to reap millions


Oct 13, 2003
According to an article on thru the execs of the new AA are to reap millions. Thomas Horton to receive 17 mill in cash and stock...

well it must be flipping nice that a bunch of morons get richer while the employees who bust their arses still cant get decent wages benes etc etc
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And he wants a seamless merger screw that contracts first dp wants his pay be tied to performance btwn 80 and 90 percent and 15 percent below his peers at ual and dl... well dp here ya go get us fair contracts now
This type of compensation has been going on for decades and will continue. I still remember wonder boy Dave Seigal walking away with a paltry 4.5 million for a job NOT well done.Long live capitalism.
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Dash I remember that too remember when he said "I wont take the money and run" and a few wks later he did do just that
This is what Horton thought of BK in 2006. My guess was that the golden parachute was not enough money for him and his executives. 
Bankruptcy as a solution in kind of un-American.
— Tom Horton, Chief Financial Officer American Airlines, reported in USA Today, 6 April 2006.
Do you really believe that?
When my father became a Chauffeur for the CEO of Union Carbide he earned around $20,000 a year and the guy in the back earned around $200,000 a year. That was pretty much a top to near bottom view of the pay range at Union Carbide in the early 70s. 10 to 1. My guess is in the most extreme the difference was 20 to 1.
Now we have Flight Attendants Earning $40k and CEOs getting $17 million. 425 to 1.
Well where do you think that money to pay these people the sums they are getting come from? I know FWAAA will cite that its from stock etc but the fact is in order to drive the stock prices higher they are squeezing the money from the workers. Their millions are coming from you, and Union Leaders suck as yourself unwittingly help them by telling the troops to stay quiet, don't make a fuss and "live to fight another day". for every $1/hr less we make it gives the Bosses an extra $21 million dollars to spread between themselves and other stakeholders.
When AA went into BK they never argued that they could not be profitable, they argued that they could not be competitive. there is a diofference, see AA was argueing that they wanted superior cost advantages, and the crook on the bench agreed, after all by offering businesses a way to steal from their workers he ensures that there will be plenty more customers for himself.
We are currently around $35/hr (including benefits) below what we should be getting paid in Aircraft maintenance.
Bob, pretty sure the new hire F/As are starting far below $40k but some please correct me if I am wrong.

My guess is if you average them out as a contractual group $40k is about right.  By the time my father became a Chauffeur he already had around 30 years with the company.