Airlines raising bag fees once again...


Apr 26, 2005
American is following Alaska in raising their bag fees once again. Luv seeing all the "other" airlines nickel and dime the passengers. Upwards of $50 for first bag, $50-75 for second, and who knows how much if you have a third or more bags. It could very well end up being another "ticket" cost just to fly your personal belongings for a trip.
Southwest is still the "ONLY" airline that does NOT charge for bag fees and/or carry-ons. Also not charging for many other items that all other airlines do.
I applaud all the other airlines for nickel and diming the customers to death with all the added fees, and for increasing the baggage fees yet again. (last in 2018) Passengers keep coming over to Southwest Airlines from other airlines to save $$$ and have a more pleasant experience from all the baggage and other fees being charge by all the other airlines.

They are only following AS, and B6 has raised their baggage fees.

They weren’t the first and won’t be the last.

And once again your wrong, it’s not upward of $50,

“According to the new policy, checking in a bag will now cost travelers on American Airlines domestic flights $40 for the first bag and $45 for a second bag—up from $30 and $40 respectively. The fee for the first checked bag can be a bit cheaper, at $35, if purchased online instead of at the airport

The airline is also increasing its checked baggage fees for flights to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and Guyana. Checking in one bag will cost flyers $35 (up from $30), while a second will be priced at $45 (up from $40).“

A little fact checking goes a long way.

But I wouldn’t expect a SCAMFA cheerleader to care about facts.

JB also follows the airlines and even breaks the $50-$60 per bag fee, depending on how or when customers decide to pay.
Hope SWA never gets rid of bags fly free. Only airline left that doesn't charge for carry on, or checked luggage.