Airport slots--controls, costs, etc


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
Interesting article about take-off/landing slots at airports around the world. Article raised some questions for me, but at this point I don't have enough knowledge of the subject to formulate a question or 2.
Interesting points (that I don't exactly know why they are interesting. Just take my work for it, OK?) Points in no particular order of interest.
1. Slot-controlled airports can be controlled year-round or seasonally--example: Innsbruck during ski season; Greek and Italian airports in summer.
2. Selling and buying slots is legal in some countries, not in others.
3. Most expensive slot purchases: Oman Airlines paid $75 million to Air France-KLM. American paid $60 million for a pair of slots from SAS. Article not clear as to what airports were involved in either one of these transactions. I think it was Heathrow in both cases, but can't guarantee.
4. I wonder how truly strict the 'use it or lose it" allocation philosophy is enforced. Does the size of the airline factor into the equation of assigning or reclamation of under-utilized slots? There are any number of business transactions where all companies are treated fairly. It's just that some of those companies are treated more fairly than others. (Cynical? Moi? How could you say such a thing?)