AirTran Specials

Not only was it $34.00, we got it for $29.00!!!!!! Check your airlines, especially AirTran. You can go to the bargain basement and get a good deal, take advantage [:bigsmile:]
Ok BR, you don't need more than one nick. I'm giving Lumbergh a little memo about this with the next TPS report, so if you could stop using both nicks by then that'd be great...
It's pretty obvious, since both screen names were registered within 20 minutes of each other on the same day, that it's the same person. I hope the moderator checks the IP address and cancels out one or both of the screen names. We are two different people, period. Why else would we be booked two to a ticket? If one of us gets banned, it would be unfair. FYI, we have two different IP's also, get a life and stop wasting your time here[:sun:]
Ok, but, it does seem suspicious that both of you live in or near GPT(One in Ocean Springs, MS), registered within 20 minutes of each other, both went for the same sale at the same airline on the same route, and while BR found the $34 fares, he reportedly found the same $29 fares that Colin found.

Doing a little check in the white pages also shows that this Colin guy isn't located in MS. OK, but OTOH, his last name is there, in Ocean Springs to be exact. Population 18,000. What a coincidence!

BTW: Just confess. Getting out of denial is the first step.
No confession to be made. Me and BR got the ticket for $29.00. Dunno wha t your buddy Jason is thinking, but if we have too, me and BR will post at exactly the same time. BTW, why were you looking me up in the white pages, interested or something?
In addition, we have alot of airline employees in Ocean Springs, as well as two enthusiasts, me and BR. We have an airline based here, Casino Airlink, Operated by SOUTHEAST. Don't know where you are from, or have been.....
You said Jason. Cartpusher isn't Jason. AFAIK, you don't post on, so how come you know who Jason is?

BTW: I'd need more proof than an two posting at the same time to believe that it is true. I could post as two people if I wanted to at the same time. All I'd need is a second username.
Hey, these guys are indeed two guys. I have had seperate conversations with them both. They are just crazy nuts about AirTran, GPT, and flying. It's nice to meet people with positive attitutes for a change.[:)]
Thanks, N464AT. It's nice to see mature people who use this forum. It also shows most airline employees, such as N464AT are mature. To the ones who want to post negativity, get a life and stop wasting our time [:)]
Lowfareair, It is possible for 2 people in one town to be interested in the same thing. Do you not have any friends who are interested in Aviation living in your hometown. BTW -- If it is illegal to cross state lines as a minor, How come Colin's Niece always flies from LAX to MSY ALONE!!!!. She is only 9. BTW -- Our parents booked the tickets to ATL. Why do you always have to be so difficult. Colin A.K.A. N944AT lives with his parents. I am unlisted (Thank God). If you can't provide proof with your comments, keep them to yourself.