AirTran wins DCA Florida routes

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Jan 8, 2003
Aviation Daily is reporting AirTran has won DOT approval for DCA to three Florida destinations.
Aviation Daily Jan 23, 2003

AirTran, Corporate Air Win Slots To Start DCA Flights
By Steve Lott

After several years of lobbying in Washington, AirTran yesterday won the rights to launch nonstop service from the city's National Airport to three Florida cities, beating out five other carriers. DOT awarded AirTran four slot exemptions to start service to Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers or West Palm Beach, Fla.
DOT noted AirTran won the slots partially because it would provide the benefit of adding new low-fare service at National. AirTran, Corporate Airlines, Ozark Airlines d/b/a Great Plains Airlines, American Trans Air, Midwest Express, US Airways all filed applications for the six available slots.
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