Airtran's doin ok...


Sep 10, 2002
where did all the psgrs go?
airtran found a few...
Dow Jones Business News
AirTran Airways October Traffic Rose 56.6%
Monday November 4, 1:51 pm ET
ORLANDO -(Dow Jones)- AirTran Airways, a unit of AirTran Holdings Inc. (NYSE:AAI - News) , said October traffic rose 56.6% to 461.8 million revenue passenger miles from 294.8 million last October when air travel continued to be depressed following the events of Sept. 11.
A revenue passenger mile is one paying passenger flown one mile.
Load factor, or the percentage of seats filled, rose to 62.6% for October, compared with 59.9% a year earlier, the carrier said in a press release Monday.
For the first 10 months of 2002, AirTran said it flew 4.57 billion revenue passenger miles, up 20.8% from 3.78 billion a year earlier.


Aug 19, 2002
Hope777...By comparison to Air Trans figures...and the fact that AS has just leased 3 more B737-700's , it's hard to find any comfort in such paultry gains...when people are being ejected at a rate that a PEZ Dispenser would be envious of.

Any gains at all are a victory of sorts..but when the comparison is to one month after could it not be a gain of some kind?

U is being surrounded...DL, FL ,B6, WN and everyone is closing in around us...and we are using a collapsing bag defense against aggresive moves into our markets.

I'm not trying to burst your bubble...but even the term Too Little ,Too Late doesn't begin to discribe our actions...or lack there is where we find ourselves , but for how much longer?, that's the question of the day?