ALPA MEC CODE-A-PHONE UPDATE - September 13, 2002



MEC CODE-A-PHONE UPDATE - September 13, 2002
This is Roy Freundlich with a US Airways MEC update for Friday, September 13, with five new items:

Item 1. The MidAtlantic ALPA Negotiating Committee met with MidAtlantic management negotiators today in Pittsburgh to begin formal negotiations on a pilot contract as outlined in the ALPA-US Airways Restructuring Agreement. Attachment B-2 of the Agreement requires that MidAtlantic management and ALPA expeditiously negotiate an MidAtlantic pilot working agreement, commencing no later than the date specified in a letter of recognition from MidAtlantic to ALPA. This letter requires negotiations to begin no later than 21 days after the ratification of the Restructuring Agreement, which was August 10. On August 30, ALPA met with MidAtlantic management to commence the negotiations by establishing a preliminary schedule and providing ALPA''s suggested list of arbitrators.
The Restructuring Agreement states that if the parties are unable to complete an agreement within 60 days after the commencement of negotiations they agree to facilitation and arbitration of open terms, to be completed within 120 days of the commencement of negotiations. The sixty-day period ends on October 29, 2002. Once the negotiations enter the arbitration phase, the Restructuring Agreement requires that each individual open issue be resolved by having the arbitrator select the proposal that more closely conforms to the average of ACO, CALEX, and CMR pilot contracts. Robert Harris has been selected as the Arbitrator per the procedure outlined in the Restructuring Agreement.
Today ALPA presented MidAtlantic management with our first comprehensive proposal on following Contract Sections:
1. Recognition, Scope, Successorship, and Labor Protective Provisions
3. Compensation
5. Expenses
6. New Equipment
8. Deadheading
9. Miscellaneous Flying
13. Leave of Absence
15. Physical Examinations
17. Missing, Interment, Prisoner or Hostage of War Benefits
19. Investigation and Discipline
20. Grievances
21. System Board of Adjustment
27. Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts
28. Retirement and Disability Benefits
29. Agency Shop and Dues Check-Off
30. Duration
The proposal reflects the provisions already established in the Restructuring Agreement, the US Airways Pilots Working Agreement and the three regional airline agreements identified in the arbitration process.
The ALPA MidAtlantic negotiations voice announcement and pilot website is currently under development and should be available for posting negotiating information sometime next week.
Item 2. MidAtlantic Airways management is now accepting resumes for positions such instructor pilot. If you are interested, you can send you resume and cover letter by email to
Item 3. The scheduling hotline option is being removed from the MEC telephone message system. If you have scheduling questions or concerns, they can still be reported on the pilots only website using the Online Scheduling Report Form on the Scheduling Committee’s page in the pilots only section of the MEC website.