American Airlines Carry-On Question


Jul 7, 2017
I am pretty new to flying, and I am wondering if American Airlines will allow carry on of a small back pack containing a 14 inch laptop with battery (Thinkpad T450s), laptop battery charger, and a DSLR camera.
If you can get all that through TSA security, I see no reason why you could not bring them on the airplane. Be aware that the charger may not be used in flight. IIRC they are considered a fire hazard if used in flight.

That's the first time I've heard that in all the years since AA introduced power to the passenger cabin. The old DC plugs were limited to 75W, but my laptop charger/ac adapter draws just 60W. I think the newer AC power outlets are also limited to about 75W. I've charged phones, laptops, portable DVD players, etc. without any issues (and never a word from the crew). Back when AA distributed the solid state entertainment units along with the Bose, the FAs practically insisted that they be plugged in (the charger).

Has something changed?
Actually, I tried to delete that post. Thought I had. After I posted it, I remembered that there is some restriction on chargers, but it's about multi-plug chargers and charging multiple PEDs on one charger at the same time. My bad.

Well, I must have not pressed the button correctly. This time it deleted.
I sometimes plug in a power strip and have never been questioned.... My USB phone charger plugs don't make very good contact with the universal power plugs... it's still subject to the 75W trip on the plug, so I don't know why a multi-connector would be a concern.
From the Flight Attendant Manual, Aircraft General Policy, Powerports and USB ports:

"Only one device is allowed per outlet, splitter (or Y) power adapter cords may not be used."

Here's an interesting one I did not know...

"Powerports and USB ports may not be used to recharge batteries; however, electronic devices containing batteries may be plugged in, as long as the device is switched on."

Since the why on both of these quotes is not included for f/a benefit, If you know better than the policy makers I'm afraid you'll need to discuss it with an AA employee well above my pay grade.

As far as never being challenged for using a power strip, fortunately I am not responsible for other flight attendants not doing their jobs. When deadheading or nov-revving I also see flight attendants allowing bags, etc on the floor on bulkhead rows, but that doesn't mean it is legal or allowed.
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