American Pilots now getting the raises as well following the Piedmont and Envoy leadership

Well... the regional pay could be part of it, but the tentative UA-ALPA agreement might be more of a reason if there's a peer parity clause in the AA-APA contract.
What it may do is force a few bankruptcies. We're long overdue for a big carrier to fail.
I don't see any of the big 4 failing over raising pay amounts. But I wouldn't put it passed one of the regional's getting themselves into a bind over it tossing a 50% increase to all their Pilots in order to keep them onboard. That still won't stop the Pilots from moving onto better opportunities and QOL @ one of the big 4.
For AA it is retention pay. Guys with little to no seniority will bail to the better paying airline. They have everything to gain. With a industry shortage of pilots all the airlines need to keep what they have.
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