AMFA and Sun Country meet and greet and start sec 6 notice nego's


Apr 26, 2005
Nicely done so quick. A short month or so after voting in AMFA and already meeting with company introducing each side as well as all the union members positions and leaders. Also gave notice to company on sec 6 nego's which starts the timetable of the nego's process. I like the speed AMFA is tackling these new carriers coming on board with AMFA's Class and Craft representation.
Welcome aboard to the Mechanics and Related at SCA.

And asking for dues without a contract in lieu of paying the initiation fee! GTFOH Scamfa!
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All SCA Mechanics, please take the time and participate in this survey. This IS how your Class and Craft Union will work for you. The membership will in fact control the topics of contract negotiations. By sending these surveys out this will get the highest priorities listed first, and all other items will still get on the table to be negotiated as well, they will be put in an order determined by the nego cmte. Think about what improvements you all would like to see in any and all areas, no item is too small or too big to bring up, now is the time to get all ideas on the table and out in the open.
The more of you that participate, the more control of your CBA, the Mechanics will have. No other majority group will say what will go into or what will stay out of YOUR CBA, period. One of the biggest reasons not to go with one of the industrial unions where they have well over a dozen other groups all wrapped into one union with the majority ruling the contract nego's.
Being represented by a Mechanics Class and Craft Union takes a lot of membership participation, but is always well, well worth it in the end.
Good luck going into your very first nego contract. AMFA will help you guys along with all the other contract examples you guys can refer to for ideas and constructive review.
Welcome to AMFA Mechanics Representation: