AMFA-Mechanics union has major changes in leadership


Oct 23, 2010
Well, just as predicted, new leadership changes at SWA for the mechanics group.  We sort of new this was coming, as did the National leadership as you saw certain people running for different positions than where they were previously.  5 out of 6 leaders have been removed and must report back to their boxes as mechanics for their respected airline.  Big changes were needed. It has been only as of late that AMFA (National) has become so vocal in the local and national media about our lack of contract and how the co. has been treating us.  And remember, AMFA National was against the info picketing, against the joining forces with the pilots and F/A's, joining up with SWAPA and sharing local offices, (now watch what AMFA National does with new leadership) it took emails upon emails to get AMFA National to do anything as far as contacting media, sending CEO or COO emails, ect...  There are several other reasons for the changes and one other one is lack of a contract after 4 plus years of nego.   At least with AMFA, we can make changes at the top.  No other unions out there can do this:
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xUT, I too respect Louie very much.  I have had many upon many convo's with him and when the last National officers were voted in last time, his hands were sort of tied. With that said, he should have pulled the "I am in charge here" trigger to over rule the others , but he did not. He let the lower ranks of the National officers rule the roost, if you will, and this is why you see what just happened. Louie had real and fantastic visions for AMFA's future. But there was some very hard headed people that came in that were on a very different agenda. I would have like to have seen LK stay as an assistant to help continue the main goal of AMFA's final goals, but he really did just sit back too much and let others control more than they should have. He wanted to grow AMFA to many other airlines and the "other" National leaders wanted to have nothing to do with it, as SWA is the largest airline mechanics members of AMFA and it would have diluted SWA's major power of having any say so if AA went AMFA, or United went AMFA. Sad to say, but very true.  The new leaders coming in, are going to look at and address all the issues that I just mentioned plus more.  We all want AMFA to grow and get larger and throughout the entire airline mechanic industry.  Here's to hoping it actually happens...  Cheers...
FWAAA said:
Kinda sad that fewer than 30% of the eligible voters bothered to vote.
Bet that's much more than the legacy airlines average. If not for the password protected union websites we could compare.