Amfa: Prepare To Lose


Jun 4, 2003
More blatant Totally Worthless Union spin….
Last Friday, AMFA filed cards with the National Mediation Board (NMB) in an
attempt to call for a representation election at American Airlines. Questions remain
as to whether AMFA collected enough cards to get an election. Thus far, AMFA has
kept secret the number of cards that it filed.

This “secretâ€￾ has the TWU panicked. I don’t blame them. It makes things more difficult for the TWU to manipulate the “Craft and Classâ€￾ by diluting the numbers with management and other positions, as the I.A.M. did at United Airlines the first time AMFA filed and failed to get “sufficient interestâ€￾ by just 5 cards.
Contact the NMB and ask how many cards were filed. They won’t tell you
either. The NMB will investigate, determine, and decide if “sufficient interest “
exists. The NMB will not revile the total number of cards submitted

If AMFA meets the filing requirements for an election, the TWU will mobilize the vast majority of our members who want to defeat AMFA. We are tired of AMFA’s
claim that we would have been better off plunging American Airlines into
bankruptcy. If we followed AMFA’s irresponsible advice, too many of us would either be unemployed of working dead-end jobs with no benefits.

“Mobilize the vast majorityâ€￾? The vast majority have signed AMFA cards.
To date I have yet to see this “letterâ€￾. The TWU claims quoting AMFA officials
of “we would have been better off plunging AA in Bankruptcyâ€￾. Produce the “letterâ€￾ or consider the above statement just another TWU LIE.
“Dead End Jobsâ€￾? They mean like TWU staffed Shoeshine Stands in North East Airports!

Once we send AMFA packing, we suggest that AMFA starts paying attention to its
own members that are getting the shaft. We are certain that AMFA members would
rather see responsible representation in the following areas:

Suggest all you like. Send AMFA packing? Does the TWU plan to send its own
members “packingâ€￾? This drive is, like all the other drives at American, being moved forward by CURRENT TWU MEMBERS. (grass roots, now This is “Change from withinâ€￾) We wish to better our profession. The TWU has done little or nothing to promote the “Craft and Classâ€￾. Charts are available to show the downward
slope of Wages Vs. Inflation. Heck you can even research the information. Lots of
financial Web sites will supply the information. Find it! “Get educatedâ€￾, 514 T-shirts say we are.

. Amfa has allowed almost 50 percent of its members at Northwest Airlines to
lose their jobs. While those jobs may be lost forever, AMFA needs to refocus its
energy on assisting these workers.

Again TWU insists on throwing out large percentages. In about the last 5
months, TWU has reported in “The Informerâ€￾, to quote “ near 40%â€￾, “over 50%,
“over 40%â€￾, and now “almost 50%â€￾. The TWU is inconsistent with reporting
the numbers currently laid off at NWA. It makes me wonder. Do they know
what they are talking about? Or, Are they still trying to SCARE the membership?
Why would a massive lay off happen at AA under AMFA, and not TWU?

The TWU is sure the contract is strong enough and we won’t face lay off in large
numbers while represented by the TWU. Yet, TWU claims if and when AMFA inherits the same contract, somehow the contract negotiated by TWU, will be
used to lay off thousands of Mechanics and Related. Then it will be AMFA’s
fault!! Has the TWU put the fear of God in you yet?


“Jobs lost foreverâ€￾? TWU talks like the economy will never come back! Is this
industry cyclical or not? There have been layoffs in the past and people were
called back. Eventually more were hired. Many, Many more.
Case in point. Look at the system seniority list and note which years AA hired
lots of workers, 1986 and 1989 come to mind. Did TWU create the jobs? NO! Did
TWU lay off workers? NO! So why are the laid off at NW, AMFA’s fault?

. Northwest mechanic and related workers have been particularly hard hit by base closures and the outsourcing of work to foreign and domestic contractors. AMFA needs to come up with a plan for bringing its work back in-house. AMFA has
stood by too long allowing its work to be contracted out.

Over and over the TWU throws this out. They (TWU) know the limit set in
the Northwest AMFA contract has not been violated. The TWU is counting
on you to accept what they say. iIf you will contact the AMFA local 33 you can
get straight answers to any question you ask. Why won’t you find out for
yourself instead of believing what you have been told by “ known liarsâ€￾.

. At United Airlines, 6,000 mechanic and related workers lost their jobs after
AMFA urged workers to take their chances in bankruptcy. Many of these workers
lost their jobs when United Airlines shutdown overhaul basses in Indianapolis and Oakland. Now, retirees are being told that their medical coverage will increase to mor than $700 per month. It’s time for AMFA to stop the downward spiral for its members at United.

The I.A.M. newsletter, “TRADE WINDSâ€￾ the journal of the IAM lodge 141m (Oakland, Ca) is available on line, us a search engine look it up see for yourself.
The closing of these two bases happened because the IAM sold out its own
membership BEFORE AMFA was elected to represent the Mechanics and Related
at United Airlines.

. At Alaska Airlines, AMFA allowed the company to close heavy maintenance
operation at its Seattle base. The company also robbed new employees of their
defined benefit pensions, and it was replaced with a 401-k.

“The company robbed new employees of their defined benefit pensionsâ€￾?
I believe the members chose to negotiate the 401k because the majority
figured it was a better chance at retirement income as apposed to a pension
which might not be there when needed.
Has the TWU guaranteed us the AA pension will be there when we need it? NO,
they might mention in passing that the pension is projected to be 100’s of millions
short. BUT what did the TWU negotiate to insure it will be available when needed?
At United the IAM negotiated the Retiree benefits. This year United has said that
the retirees will have to take “cutsâ€￾. The AMFA has jumped into the fight with both
feet. AMFA issued a press release stating that for the company to go after Retirees benefits was unacceptable. Read it for yourself, use a search engine
and find the news articles on the issue. I can supply sources, but if you
look it up for yourself you will not see it as “spinâ€￾ on my part.

Funny how the EVIL TWU says AMFA will make AA a dead end job with no benefits.
Heck, It's already a dead end job with no benefits! Thanks TWU! :angry:
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This post corrects an Error made in my post of March 17, 2004.

'Trade Winds" is the official Journal of The IAM local lodge 1781 San Francisce- Oakland, Not the "local 141m". I regret the error.
Trade Winds vol. 50 number 3.June/July 2002.:oops:
Funny how the EVIL TWU says AMFA will make AA a dead end job with no benefits.
Heck, It's already a dead end job with no benefits! Thanks TWU! :angry:
Thats what the TWU specializes in.

Remember the average TWU member makes just $15/hr.

If you consider that we make $30/hr, once we are gone, that number will likely drop to around $12/hr.

The Illegal aliens shaping up down near the 7-11 charge more than that, plus lunch!

However for the International its a completely different story. Not only do they give themselves wages and benifits that they would not even ask for their members but you have to remember all the other possible perks such as , secondary paychecks from employers that are not reported on the LM-2, insurance commissions, kickbacks from sweetheart real estate deals, free cars etc.