AMR rated a BUY


Sep 22, 2002
SHREVEPORT, La., Apr 10, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- StockPickReport.Com (IARD#119079 -) makes these short-term stock recommendations:

AMR Corporation(AMR)- BUY -

AMR Corporation''s operations fall almost entirely in the airline industry.

The stock''s closing-price short-term average fell since the last 5 trading sessions. Analysis shows AMR''s average short-term volume continues to trend higher. Our research indicates that AMR should maintain the current trade channel based on short-term oscillating stochastic charts.

In our opinion, StockPickReport.Com research indicates a long strategy (selling puts, buying calls, closing short positions, or outright buying AMR) at current levels offers traders a nice chance for a profitable trade.
Ask the old U shareholders what a great strategy placing a long term "buy" on a company knocking on the bankruptcy courts door can be. If they file, the stock tanks. If they emerge, the stocks worthless. Makes me wonder about their definition of "long".
On 4/10/2003 2:34:46 PM FA Mikey wrote:

If you got it, sell it!


Even I finally gave in and sold most of it today, aside from a few token shares. If all goes well, I can always pick up the soon-to-be-offered options which will no doubt be available at a far lower cost than what I paid last year for the shares I just dumped...
So what will happen to my AMR shares in BK?

They''ll be worth less than the labor agreements in BK.
Gee, and I just received the certificate for my ESPP shares in the mail yesterday.