AMR STOCK in Nose Dive

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Aug 30, 2002
AMR stock is still in a nose dive and heading at high speed for impact.If the AMR management does not get a REAL recovery plan soon there will be no investors to pull back on the stick.Look at today''s closing price.
Again, the true idiots focus only on AMR stock, and ignore the other airline stocks and the XAL.

AMR lost $0.73.
CAL lost $0.70.
DAL lost $0.99

Using doomsayer logic, all three are destined for BK court, which probably won't happen for any of them.

It isn't just the airlines.

The Nasdaq swooned Monday, plunging through its low of the year to a six-year nadir under the weight of corporate warnings and soft economic news. The Dow and S&P also suffered bitter losses as sellers mauled retail, airline and biotech stocks.

Using doomsayer logic, half of the Fortune 500 will be in bankruptcy.

Someday, people on the internet will figure out that stock prices have no bearing on if a company is bankrupt or not.

Being out of cash is what determines when you go bankrupt.
Sep. 23, 2002 Market Closed
Common Stock Market : NYSE
Last Sale: $ 4.22 Net Change: 0.73 14.75%
Share Volume: 4,610,300 Previous Close: $ 4.95
Today's High: $ 5 Today's Low: $ 4.13
Best Bid: N/A Best Ask: N/A
52 week high: $ 29.20 52 Week Low: $ 4.65
P/E Ratio: NE Total Shares Outstanding: 155,689,000
Earnings Per Share (EPS): $ -14.33 Market Cap: $ 657,007,580
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What was the price of AMR stock 2 weeks ago? What was the price of DAL and CAL stock 2 weeks ago.Look at the difference in total percentage decline between AMR and the other carriers.AMR has lost more in % total value than UAL has in the last 2 weeks.
There'll be no big recovery plan announced in the near term. Perhaps the majors will make some headway in winning support for a renewed federal bailout program, but that won't do much to shore up support on Wall Street, will it ?

So my point is, the stock can go to zero if it wants. It will have no impact on what action the company takes. If AMR mgmt had any magic bullets they would have fired them already. A BK filing by AMR is not imminent. The market may be factoring in the increased likelihood of a BK in several months... or the chance that AMR would file a pre-emptive BK after UAL files. But the stock value going down will not in itself cause management to do anything. There is really no need to get hysterical over each daily decline. Just as if the stock goes up for a few days in a row, it does not mean that a miraculous recovery is taking hold.

Obviously, if AMR files a pre-emptive BK then that would have a.... very bad impact on the value of the stock. Harm would be done to shareholders, certainly, but a pre-emptive BK would frankly be better than a long, dragged out BK that just delays the inevitable.

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I agree with your comments in general.One factor the AMR management preached for years at president's conferences was the Triangle -shareholders-customers-employees.They had the most emphasis on the shareholders at the base of the triangle which supports the sides.customers-employees I always thought the customers should have been the base of the triangle on their on-screen presentation.
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