An Outsiders thoughts.....


Sep 27, 2002
I have been reading the comments on this site for many months. I have been silent in my thoughts. I believe there are a large number of postings here that are written during very emotional times. I am an outsider here who flys your airline and keeps up as much as possible on the news. My posting is one of my own thoughts and I do not write to get everyone upset, you are certainly entitled to you opinion too. I am looking at the situation and where I feel it is going. One thing seems clear to me. USairways is in big financial trouble and it does not look to me like they will survive. In my humble opinion I believe Chapter 7 is coming by spring. Unfortunately, many people are going to lose their jobs and families will suffer financial disaster. It is an absolute shame that USAirways management has been going around in circles for over 10 years. That is a reality, then 911, and the economy went sour and Usairways had no resources to rely on. They hired a hit man to fix it (Dave), he brought in his team of cut throat people like Mr. NO CLASS Jerry Glass. Many employees speak of Mr. Glass'' actions, thus I believe there is some reality to his actions, not just employees voicing anger. History has proven you can not shrink an airline into profitability. Dave will not do it either. If the unions once again give in to his demands, they might as well pack their bags and go home. They were forced to give in before, now he has them right where he wants them.
As for your pilot, Chip, I have heard from him that he is retired military, his wife has a good job, and he does not have financial problems either way. Thus his interest must be that he likes flying, so he is willing and encourages everyone else as well to do what Dave wants to make sure he still gets his enjoyment from flying. I question his motive here, most of his postings are from news articles and his is definitely in managements pocket. His union even came out to question his remarks a while back. I think USAirways employees are for the most part good hard working folks who are just trying to make a living and provide for their families. You all now fall to the ways of evil corporate america where the rich get richer and the rest of us just try to survive. I think Dave knows he will not pull this off, thus lining their pockets is their main concern. In the beginning it was probably their egos. USAirways employees have made traveling fun for many of us, a big Thanks for that to all the employees. Folks, get cracking on finding another job, it does not look like this one is going to last much longer. I wish you all the best!!


Oct 24, 2002
Just a brief reply since your lonely post had 196 VIEWS and ZERO replies as of my reading time.
I also agree that the company as we know it will not make it thru. I've been around for a mere 7 1/2 yrs, long enough to have heard the same tired threats/statements from management. 1) we will turn the airline into a regional carrier. 2) we will shut the doors if you don't comply. 2) you, the employees, earn too much, however, management needs a raise ('cause it's tough driving an airline into the ground). etc.etc.etc.

Now the fiction of the past few years has become a reality. What a shame. We will be counted with PanAm and Eastern.

At this point the AFA people that said 'we will only if you will' are my heroes!!!!!! That was a shot of Raid.


Aug 29, 2002
Thanks for the kind words, Ticket2Ride. I am about to get off this bus. The people I have worked with have been great. Another Airline bites the dust, thanks to years of mismanagement. Chip you can turn out the lights and go home now.


Aug 19, 2002
On 12/1/2002 5:56:02 PM res4us wrote:

At this point the AFA people that said 'we will only if you will' are my heroes!!!!!! That was a shot of Raid.
I'm with you on that! It's about time somebody spoke up! I wish to heck the IAM ,CWA and ALPA Unions had the same degree of moxy.

Others have said that it's not in our best interest to not negotiate. I have to agree with that statement too , but if Dave thinks he's going to sell the bill of goods he's presenting us now? He's sadly mistaken!!

Dave's current list of needs will clobber way too many upfront..and in the long term. This approach will not fly , if it comes to a vote at all?

People have given..and we still have those taking and yet not producing anything that resembles tangible results. So far it's been nothing but progress based purely on the benefits of the Chapter 11 filing..and our give backs. What else has been done to actually point this company into the wind? IMHO...They haven't done Jack beyond securing the DIP financing and getting the lease rates lowered on some aircraft. That in itself is great...but what is a lessors options other than to deal with us? , with such a depressed market on used well as new. They either get part of what they were from us...or get ZIPPO as they languish in the sun of MHV or LAS.

Again, What has been said or done to encourage people to fly USAirways? What has been done to stretch our legs to decrease of seat mile costs? Sure we are flying more into the caribbean..but look at how much of the US that USAirways fails to try to compete in.

The last statement and the companies shrinking actions continue to spell doom ..or spells Regional feed type operations for a Merger/Sale scenario.

The added cost reductions from the Employee's they seek only makes this more attractive in the future for others , whom would only like to have our assets minus the people that make this airline go.

Should we give Dave all he asks for?..We will be making peanuts with likely less than 29,000 folks on the books...That's a long road back , when and if we survive and the economy turns around? [img src='']