Anger Rising Over CEO Pay


Aug 21, 2002
Apples and oranges? The increase was last year. Did employees (except other mgt) really take decreases last year? Surely some saw raises last year.

I thought the negotiated agreements are for the future, as is Carty''s 33% cut.
Some executives have taken pay cuts. But others have done well even as their companies suffer. Don Carty, CEO of American Airlines parent AMR Corp. (AMR: down $1.15 to $3.85, Research, Estimates), enjoyed a 38 percent increase in pay last year to $811,125. Employees of American took wage cuts this month that allowed the struggling carrier cost savings of more than $1.6 billion. Carty agreed to a pay cut this year.

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The airline threatens bankruptcy, and Carty takes a 38% pay increase.

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