Another European SkyTeam Airline Strike (Czech Airlines)


Oct 29, 2003
Small player compared to AF/KL, but seems to be in trouble for several years now. 
I think their latest strategy has been to focus on Russian markets, which obviously is not so "hot" these days.
KE is the majority shareholder.
According to information available to ČTK, a total of 97 percent of flight attendants have voted in favor of a strike in a recent vote, and trade unions sent out the result to ČSA employees today.
ČSA is going to lay off 77 pilots, 66 administrative employees and more than 170 flights attendants as part of its restructuring plan

At present, ČSA employs 230 pilots, almost 400 flight attendants and nearly 270 administrative employees.
In 2011 it employed nearly 1,500 people, including 292 pilots and 613 flight attendants. The year before it had more than 2,000 employees, including 415 pilots and 752 flight attendants.



Corn Field
Dec 5, 2003
LH pilots just struck.  You missed that they shut the airline down.
It's not a Skyteam thing.
it's a low cost carrier vs. European legacy carrier thing.