another fine screw up from your phl managers


Nov 22, 2003
Every one on this forum knows how important a shift bid
is to the operation it is a make or break....Well
looks like manangement likes to break the operation in phl
they put out a bid with only 7 CSS's for 2 concourses.
now for anyone who has worked or connected thru phl
knows how wild it can get...that would leave either
b term with 3 css's averg. 1 css per 5 gates and term c
with 4 css's 1 per 4 gates...folks tell me if this is crazy for the major hub in the system to have so little
supervision at our gates..O and also removed shorted the
agents lines for the am by 5 agents...that comes to about 1.5 agt per gate....

So the reason for oversight and I hope it is an oversight
I do hope our managers know how to make a schedule <_<
they added 3 POC Supervisor lines to oversee the agent
poc lines but our poc is positioned at out ticket counter
and they already have 2 supervisors that are assigned to
work the counter, that can oversee the poc operation..

Anyone agree with me or don't I see the whole picture....
please enlighten me....this station is going way down the
tube day by day........

Parker and Kirby what are you waiting for.....Doug
I don't care about your dui you made the mistake you have to deal with that we are all human.....Doug I hope you have learned your lesson and grow from there...
but this company puts food on the table and roof over peoples heads so we depend on customers flying USAirways.

Doug at merger time you told everyone that we need to take
customers away from can we do that if our product
stinks...from bad decision on the reconfig of the a/c
to putting managers at a money making hub that don't have
and leadership quality what so ever...Doug I don't think
your upper management above the stations directors
know what quality employee's you have and how hard working
and caring they are and can be more of..IF we are treated with proper respect and proper tools to do our jobs..
And the tools I'm speaking of is GOOD SOUND MANAGEMENT
look at wn or ask Bethune on how he turned Co around
form the poor Morale to actually employee's enjoying
coming to work.......You don't have to spend any money
to get these result it comes free just a little common
sense...and this airline will be on top

Let's fix it now the heavy travel period in fast
approaching not to mention thunderstroms...

We need a town meeting with you and your upper team...

Totally frustraded in PHL again
phlagent, I know what you're talking about.

Until recently, PIT Express was running ramp pretty short, and the gates are still averaging one agent per gate, and about 3-4 supervisors per shift. Now, I know PIT doesn't do the business PHL does anymore, but a full plane is the same no matter where you are working.

The big mystery is why PIT Express is not hiring gate agents. It's been almost two years with two or three new hires on the gates (and those were ramp agents who went inside).

It's no surprise that labor expenses are the first figures management looks at to determine where to save money. It's the easiest way to look like you are solving a problem. Nevermind if the operation is short-handed, just expect the remaining agents to do double or triple the work.

Whereas, of course, if you are a VP of some department and your workload increases, just hire another assistant and justify it by showing how much money you're saving the company (on paper).
Like most other stations, PHL and it's managers want to run the operation with as few supervisors and agents as possible to keep the numbers under budget. That will show to the bean counters at the Sand Castle what a wonderful operation they're running. Customer service and staffing stress is of no concern to any of them. Straight from the class of Al Crelin 101.
It's interesting that PHL Express has a lot of former PIT management there running the operation now. If you agree that performance in that part of the operation has improved, IMO the new supervisors and ramp manager who came from PIT are the reason. I hear far more postives than negatives about them from agents working the PHL Express operation.
:down: short staffed then just lay down then they will get the message. Just walk off and when they ask where your going go and get about 20 of those inside and outside
so called managers and tell them to go down and load the
planes , they wont last a hour out there.
:down: short staffed then just lay down then they will get the message. Just walk off and when they ask where your going go and get about 20 of those inside and outside
so called managers and tell them to go down and load the
planes , they wont last a hour out there.

Uhhhh. Wait a minute there sparky. Managers for PHL Express have all been trained on agent duties, and from personal experience, I can tell you without a doubt that they are working flights daily due to staffing shortages.

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually good agents in PHL Express who want to do the job right. The only problem is that there is a small minority (less than 10%) who don't give a flying fokker about the operation, and they slow the operation down. Do not fear though, because the lazy and uncaring are squarely in the crosshairs of management, and they will be terminated when their lack of work ethic is properly documented.

PHL Express is in a rebuilding mode right now. The ideal situation would be to overstaff the ramp and weed out the dead wood, however, recruiting is having a difficult time getting to the overstaffing level. Things are definitely getting better though, and the attitude is being upgraded one manager and one agent at a time.