Another Jim Little Broken Promise?


Aug 20, 2002
twuer said:
In other words I have taken the appropriate steps to weaken the TWU.
And it is folks like you Buck who deserve no respect!!!! I bet you are the guy who doesn't bother to vote in national elections then cry and whine that the guy who is in there is no good. We don't want your cowardly kind anyway!!! Always taking the easy way out!!!

Well you are right about one point, I will do whatever it takes not just to weaken the TWU but to remove them from representing the mechanic craft and class.

I am not looking for anyones respect especially from you. I am looking for respect of the mechanic craft and class. Do you know who they are?

I vote in every political election and issue that is brought forth at every level. How much did you want to bet?

Do not worry you will never have my kind in your ranks, that would take an organization that is democratic. The TWU has shown time and time again that decisions are made by the TWU International and the ATD and not by the membership. You make Comrade Stalin smile.....

Bob Owens

Sep 9, 2002
twuer,Sep 30 2004, 06:01 PM]

And it is folks like you Buck who deserve no respect!!!!

And what puts you in a position to make such a determination? Is it the way you tell the members to submit to the company every time? Is it your decietful ways? Or is the way you stand behind what you say?

We don't want your cowardly kind anyway!!! Always taking the easy way out!!!

Are you saying that you have chosen the "hard road"? Funny but I always thought that surrender was considered the cowards way out, the easy way. Have you changed the rules where resistance is cowardly and submission is brave?

Decision 2004

Mar 12, 2004
Still no report or response on "Shared Sacrifice"?

Say it aint so...

Another t-shirt with a slogan,
Another TWU threat,

Another exposure of weak leadership.

Wretched Wrench

Apr 21, 2003
Nightwatch said:
That's funny, I just e-mailed Jim Little and received a response not two weeks ago. You need to update your info pal.

So, are you going to keep his address to yourself. or share it? Or do only the select apparatchiki have access to the man behind the curtain?

Checking it Out

Apr 3, 2003
General Update - Friday, October 08, 2004 at 15:43
October 8, 2004


TO: All AA Locals and Members

Dear Sisters and Brothers at American Airlines:

On September 21, 2004, after a lengthy and highly detailed investigation of every objection filed by all parties, the National Mediation Board dismissed an application by the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association to represent the Mechanic and Related employees of American Airlines. We thank those of you who supported the TWU during this dispute and hope those of you who did not will now work with us in dealing with the multiple perils faced by all working people in commercial aviation.

As we move forward in facing these challenges, it is clear those so-called “legacyâ€￾ carriers and their employees are in jeopardy. At carriers such as Alaska, United, and Northwest, heavy checks are being outsourced, bases are being closed, and basic functions such as plant maintenance and aircraft cleaning have been completely given over to third parties. Throughout the industry, defined benefit pension plans are under attack and retiree medical coverage is being eliminated or radically changed. These developments are no secret -- they are reported almost daily in every national newspaper or industry journal.

To many observers, preservation of our work and long-term investments in our workforce and the communities our members live in are "legacy" costs, which must be shed. However, such commitments are not only crucial to the long-term well being of our members, they are the legacy of the labor movement in our industry. Accordingly, the TWU will resist, with all lawful resources at our disposal, any attempts to modify commitments relating to retirees or retirement, move work now being performed by our members into the hands of others or impose the laundry list of other wage and benefit concessions being sought throughout the industry.

In facing these issues, we must also address our members' legitimate concerns over "shared sacrifice" by management. In this respect, the analysis performed by our consultants (Eclat) fully validates the concerns of members and Local officers that there are still untouched layers of supervisors and managers in operations which have been significantly drawn down, and that, in some cases, supervision has even been added to such operations. Our investigation of this matter is nearing completion, although the Company must still provide additional data. However, regardless of whatever further numbers crunching needs to be accomplished, it is clear to me that our members cannot compete, or help the Company compete, if they are burdened by an overlay of bureaucracy that is totally unnecessary to efficient completion of their work.

As you are aware, we have instituted membership surveys and focus groups in order to identify areas our membership would like to see changed, or improved. We will hopefully have the tabulations completed over the next few weeks. In the interim, we will still be moving forward with our expanded membership communications efforts and initiatives that I previously identified last month. In closing, I would like to personally thank all of our members who have taken the time to respond and share your suggestions for the future.

Sincerely and fraternally,

James C. Little

Director Air Transport Division

International Executive Vice President


Dec 21, 2002
Little's on top of the AMFA issue, no doubt about that!

But where is his response on SHARED SACRIFICE?


Aug 20, 2002
Hopeful said:
Little's on top of the AMFA issue, no doubt about that!

But where is his response on SHARED SACRIFICE?

You must have missed the memo. We gave the house away and he got a 9% pay increase. That is the TWU's definition of the shared sacrifice. More shared sacrifice is rumored for next year. Another holiday here, less sick time there, 10% paycut, change the pension formula, license premium reduced, another weeks vacation gone, more outsourcing, nine hour workdays-eight hours payed and so on and so be continued.