Another US Airways screw up

After a two week fiasco of fighting the US Airways bureaucrats to get my severance pay, I find out that some knucklehead up in HR reported that I was still an active employee thus resulting in my unemployment compensation turning into a total trainwreck. I have spent six hours on phone calls to US Airways and unemployment people over the last two days, only to get voice mail and transfers and plently of it's not my job.
The latest is that, thanks to US Airways' little f-up I have to wait 4-6 weeks for my unemployment claim to be investigated....really nice that my severance runs out before then. Then, if US Airways drops the ball again, I have to wait ANOTHER 4-6 weeks for me to appeal my claim.
I am so incredibly p1ssed at US Airways moronic HR department, where no one takes reponsibility and their paperwork is so screwed up that they can foul up some one's life because the retards don't know who is working and who isn't.
Hopefully my next employer will have some common sense and can treat people a little better.
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Jon C.
JonC- I do think HR is outsourced now. I tried to call them for 3 days about a medical problem. Finally got them yesterday. Hee-hee, I hope I never have to hear "please stay on the line, your call is important to us" again. I know they are busy, but something is wrong with that department. Short help or whatever. I have stayed on the line 3 times at 45 minutes eachand finally gave up. One time yesterday, the message "please stay on the line, your call is important to us and then after 15 minutes, a message came on and said that they were busy and to call back later, and the line went dead. They disconnected. Again I am sure that they must be short handed. Good luck with your problem. Wish you the best of luck. ps: imagine what the calls will be like if we ever close down operations.

Did you use the correct address for US Airways when submitting your initial claim for Unemployment benefits? From what I understand, it isn't US Airways HR that the UC Service Center should contact regarding your initial unemployment application. Here is the appropriate address:

US Airways
c/o Frick
PO Box 283
St. Louis, MO 63166

I hope this helps. Good luck to you.