Anyone who's traveling from DFW to FLL (or vice versa)


Oct 31, 2016
Hello all,

This is obviously a long shot but my husband left VERY important documents under seat 10F on flight 1523. Every day this aircraft flies to Fort Lauderdale out of Dallas and back. None of the Lost and Founds or Baggage claims have seen it. We filed a claim but I'm afraid because it was a small item that it may have gone unnoticed. It's a black leather pouch with years of flight logs in it (he's a pilot). If by any chance someone is taking this flight please reach out to me. Or if anyone has any advice, besides constantly hounding AA, let me know.

Thank you!


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
As an American flight attendant, I have to interject that it would be highly unusual for the same a/c to fly the same route every day. They're just not scheduled that way as far as I know.

That being said, if the bag has not been turned in by now, it probably was dumped in the garbage during a cleaning or another passenger found it, decided they liked the bag and kept it. (It happens more often than you would think.) American, like most of the other major airlines, eliminated the job of a/c cleaner several years ago, and contracted out the work to outside companies. These companies pretty much pay minimum wage, and I'm sure you've heard the old adage of you get what you pay for. These workers are barely making it in life and are not committed in any way to AA's customers and their belongings. Their job is to get the a/c reasonably clean in the shortest amount of time possible so that boarding for the next flight can begin. That does not allow for stopping work long enough to find an airline employee and give them found belongings--assuming the airline employee is willing to take possession of the item.