APFA dropped the ball


Apr 1, 2003
If any of the info is incorrect in this post, please feel free to correct it. I was shocked that the APFA didn''t have in place a better voting system. My God, even the US Airways f/a''s had the opportunity to change their votes up until the last minute. If I''m not mistaken, your pilots did as well. This vote is probably the single most important vote most AMR f/a''s will have to make, yet it appears someone in your national office failed to understand the emotional ups and downs this decision would have on the membership and the importance of a system that would allow one to change a perhaps emotional vote to a more thought out vote.

I was also shocked that there weren''t in person roadshows at all the bases. Webcam is great but the technology isn''t always sufficient. Plus one can''t assume that everyone has the means to HAVE webcam. This issue was far too serious to rely on the method used, not to mention impersonal. A human face is important when discussing such serious matters. People need to be reassured or vent their feelings.

How and why did this happen?

I know there are alot of pressures for the reps when negotiating, so please don''t think I''m picking on the leaders. They do work hard, but I must say in this regards....APFA dropped the ball.

I look forward to everyone''s dialogue.
Our normal voting system is a paper ballot. We have a 30 day voting window. We have NEVER allowed changes before.

The whole idea that so much had changed in the TA is ridiculous. The offered a 4.5% bonus NOT A RAISE in pay if we could reach an unobtainable level of credit worthiness. They shortened the length to the amenable date by 4 months. In the last bit of desperation they said we could ask to begin negotiation in 2007. But no agreement would go in to effect until DEC 31, 2008 at the earliest anyway. Nothing I see warranted a need for people to be offered a change in votes. For the so called I couldn''t vote because I couldn''t get a pin number. Sorry folks if you don''t keep your address up to date. If you wait till the 15th to even try to get a pin. You are not worth a vote extension.

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