APFA on course of self destruction

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Sep 8, 2002
October 30, 2002
Mr. John Ward
President, APFA
1004 West Euless Boulevard
Euless, TX 76040
Re: Article VII Section 2 Charges; Skyword Article
Dear Mr. Ward:
This letter is a follow-up to my earlier correspondence to you dated October 28, 2002. In that letter, I reminded you of your fiduciary obligation in connection with an article published in the latest edition of Skyword. As you know, the Article stated that I am still a General Chairperson for IAM District Lodge 142. You know that to be a false statement. I asked you to respond immediately and issue a retraction on the APFA Hotline. I have not had the courtesy of reply nor has there been any attempt on your part to correct a blatant misrepresentation.
Article III, Section 2© of the APFA Constitution states that APFA shall establish a Policy Manual to incorporate those policies, procedures, rules, and regulations affecting the governing bodies, officers, representatives and members of the APFA in accordance with this Constitution.
Article 12(B)(2) of the Policy Manual states that the Communications Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the publication of SKYWORD. Article 12(B)(3) states that SKYWORD text, style, content and layout must be approved by a majority of the National Officers prior to publication to ensure compliance with APFA policy and positions. Finally, Article 14(B)(4)(B) reiterates the stated policy that no submission shall be libelous, defamatory, factually incorrect, or in bad taste.
I have already confirmed that APFA Vice President Jeff Bott did not approve the insertion of that text. Since there are only three (3) remaining National Officers, it is apparent that you must have approved the false article. I will also assume that the other two (2) National Officers (Secretary and Treasurer) approved it as well. As such, you have breached your fiduciary obligation under Article III as the chief executive officer of this organization. If you would now attempt to claim that you did not approve the Article, you are likewise violating Article III, Section 6 of the APFA Constitution because you have failed to conduct the affairs of the organization in accordance with the APFA Constitution and the Policy Manual. Either way, you have violated Article III of the APFA Constitution and Article 12 of the Policy Manual. The submission was libelous and defamatory.
This letter is to place you on formal notice that this letter constitutes formal charges under Article VII Section 2 based on the foregoing violations. As required under Article VII, I am sending a copy of this letter to the Secretary of APFA. Since it would appear that both the Secretary and Treasurer also violated Article III and the Policy Manual, I will be sending the same letter to them as well.
Article VII Section 2(E) prohibits APFA from compensating either party for attorney’s fees. I trust that you will not violate the Constitution in that regard.
Sherry Cooper
APFA STL Base Chairperson
cc: Secretary – APFA (FEDEX Airbill No. 837104007804
APFA Executive Committee
APFA Board of Directors
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