APFA possible outcomes


Oct 31, 2002
A Happy Easter to All!

Let?s see here?
1. Did Ward sign the contract? If so AA goes to court to enforce it. Probably wins but if tainted?
2. Ward did not sign and asks for and gets a revote.
a. Revote is negative so AA declares C-11. Ward is hero to some (he stood up to AA) and goat to all the other unions, AA and many of his members who think the negotiations were poorly done. He is renamed Charlie Bryan Ward.
b. Vote is positive and Ward is hero to AA and other unions but hated by at least 50% or more of his members.
In between all the possible outcomes is the Federal court that might jinx the whole process eventuating in 2a.
There are quite a few possible outcomes dependent on a number of uncertain variables.

I assume on Monday more will be know to clarify path 1 or 2. Whatever path is taken I have to assume Ward is in deep doo doo. In fact the sidewalk is so covered in Doo Doo that there seems to be no place to step without getting in deep doo doo. Who is going to be blamed and then designated to man the pooper scooper?