APFA Rejects TA


Aug 20, 2002
OH NO....

Wait a minute folks, the union wants to vote again and are asking for permission from uncle Don. Gee the TWU M&E passed by 703 votes and countless AMT''s were unable to vote at no fault of theirs...Uhmm, I smell a conspiracy here.

Oh please, please uncle Donny can we vote again, I promise I will do better this time.

It just amazes me that there were so many technical problems from all groups from the beginning with this voting process and nobody stooped it to get it straightened out so it can be done fairly. Who knows, maybe the flight attendants and AAA did not count all the votes, You can''t blame the hanging chads on this one. Boy are we doomed. Vote yes your doomed or vote no your doomed. Care to guess who the winners are?

OK I am finished venting.....I need a stiff drink now....


Apr 15, 2003
Yea at least 1 work group has enough sense to not pass this Mess on! Now will AA file BK like they said ?
Do not think that I doubt they will file but it should have been last year if the were just going to piss away 5 mil a day forever and never make a change to the way AA does Biz.
The APA Ta gives the Company a large swath to cut the other Group''s Ta''s with the use of RJ''s and keep APA members jobs, less pay but still on the pay roll! The other groups have no protection as to who''s staff operate RJ''s ! AA vs. Eagle. with a cost savings to AA on the Eagle side were do you think some of the smaller Stations are going.


Dec 28, 2002
At U the CWA TA vote passed by 5, Yes I said 5 votes and there was no revote or extention to the vote. If it was 500 APFA votes in favor there would be no revote.


Feb 7, 2003
You got that right. If this thing passed by 1 we wouldn''t be allowed to revote. Why aren''t APA and the TWU continuing their vote till tomorrow? Oh wait the company got what they wanted. This is shameful. I am out today calling on all yes votes to rethink and vote NO! APA was too woriied about their pension, right 777igw, to do what is right. If they treat us like we are in bankruptcy, then we might as well be. APFA stand tall and show this company that they are wrong. Stand up for what you believe in. Show them that FEAR won''t work on us. If John Ward was behind this stinky mess, then it is time for the "WARD MUST GO!" stickers, buttons, flyers, whatever you can make. I for one will help with the recall.

Also to 777igw, if you think flight attendants are idiots and that we are all bad apples, maybe you should look at yourself after making a comment like that. Maybe you are the problem, and you would be happier with your lump sum retirement looking for income elsewhere. Last time I checked the line for pilots looking for work wasn''t any shorter than ours.


Aug 21, 2002
I hope that when this is all done that there are more NO votes than before, now won''t that be a kick in the pants?

Yeah, what a kick! And a waste of 24 hours.


Feb 7, 2003
unfortunately, probably both. If John Ward or anyone at APFA is behind this mess, then lets start the recall election. I hope that when this is all done that there are more NO votes than before, now won''t that be a kick in the pants? I for one am still voting NO and lets start the bankruptcy today and not payoff this so-called loan that is due today. I thought we were trying to conserve money? Has that also changed? What a joke AA "management" is!


Just curious about two things:

1) How is it that the company has to grant the union permission to do a revote? What business is it of the company how the union conducts its internal business with its membership?

2) Is there a breakdown of the voting results by base? I''d like to see how the various bases voted, especially STL.




Sep 4, 2002
Answer 1:
Jane Allen 4/11/03:
"Extending the time for ratification is not something that is within my scope nor is it something that I believe is possible given the late date, the APFA''s processes and the dire financial situation of the Company. The voting deadline is Tuesday and I don''t see any way that the deadline will be changed."
Answer 2:
This was supposed to be a democratic vote. In otherwords, there should be no way that the union could tell how each base voted. Oh wait, we had pin #s that were not random. Very democratic indeed! When AA purchased TWA there were only 4200 f/as. There are currently less than 1800. Yes, furloughed f/as can vote, but I can''t imagine more than 3,000 STL f/as voted, and not all of them voted no. That leaves over 6,000 original AA f/as who registered a no vote.
But heck, let''s go ahead and change the results. As a matter of fact, why doesn''t management just go ahead and announce that the t/a passed.