APFA rumor control

FA Mikey

Aug 19, 2002
A packet has been mailed out. It will contain the basic agreement. Due to the time constraints. Specfic language may have to be viewed on the web as it becomes available, or through the reps doing phone watch at APFA HDQ.

Hope to know more after the web cast tomorrow afternoon.
Has it been mailed out? Why isn't it posted on the website? I will gladly vote Yes as opposed to certain bankruptcy and court ordered concessions, but I really do need to know what I am voting for.
I know all of you are getting a lot of Flight Attendant feedback
concerning this Restructuring Participation Agreement. I''ve been
assisting at APFA Phone Watch this past week and have heard many
questions and comments myself. I want to be very frank, try to clarify
some issues, and primarily address rumor control in this hotline.

Many Flight Attendants are under the impression that at least
management will take a cut too, if it goes to bankruptcy. In United''s
situation, it is documented that management VP''s actually RECEIVED
Bonuses. Bankruptcy doesn''t necessarily mean management will suffer

This was not normal negotiations…..it was concession demands made by

The APFA did not GIVE the company anything.

The APFA asked for a lot of things. Just because it is not in the
proposal, doesn''t mean we did not try. Again…this is not normal

If this proposal is not ratified, it does NOT mean the APFA Negotiating
Team will return to the tables. The company has said they will file
bankruptcy, and seek the 1113 Bankruptcy Proposal, which would be $470
million in concessions versus the current proposal of $340 million.

The alternative could be worse.

Many Flight Attendants believe the company is bluffing. The fact is,
APFA, APA, and TWU, all hired financial advisors to review the company''s
finances, and to assist during all talks with the company. According to
the financial advisors, the company is not bluffing. The company says
they will file bankruptcy if any one of the labor groups vote No for
these proposed changes.

The APFA , as well as the other union groups, worked very hard at
getting snapbacks, but the company rejected it repeatedly. APFA was
able to get stock options, profit sharing, unlimited PVD''s and satellite
base test, which would test Flight Attendant''s trip originating from
their commuter city.

Many Flight Attendants feel the other unions got a better deal in
these concession packages. All groups have very different contracts.
We are all giving up a lot. Again…it''s concessions. You can''t pick a
couple of issues that one group kept, and say they got a better deal.

Don''t be angry with the other union groups, who are also taking a
substantial loss in these concessions, and remember the APFA Negotiators
and Officers are also Flight Attendants. This affects ALL of us!
Unfortunately management''s poor decisions have caused the labor groups
to have to bail out the airline.

All parties agreed after a financial review, that the company was in
need of $1.8 billion in order to avoid bankruptcy ($340 million from the
Flight Attendants). No bankruptcy judge is likely to give us a better

We understand the concessions are devastating, but it is important to
research the facts. Please urge all Flight Attendants to call Phone
Watch for the facts at 1-866-ASK-APFA

An Interactive Live Webcast is scheduled for Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
at 12:00 noon Central Time. The locations for all bases are as

STL The Holiday Inn Airport North
4545 N. Lindbergh Blvd.
Bridgeton, MO 63044

LAX/LAXI Manhattan Beach Marriott
1400 Parkview Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-3714

ORD/IOR Four Points Sheraton Hotel
10249 W. Irving Park Blvd.
Schiller Park, IL 60176

BOS/BOSI Hilton Boston Logan Airport
85 Terminal Rd.
Boston, MA 02128

LGA/JFK Ramada Plaza Hotel
JFK International Airport
Jamaica, New York 11430

SFO/SFOI Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
1333 Bayshore Hwy.
Burlingame, CA 94010

RDU Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley
4500 Marriott Drive
Raleigh, NC 27612

DFW/IDF DFW Marriott North
8440 Freeport Pkwy.
Irving, TX 75063

DCA/DCAI Crystal City Marriott
1999 Jefferson Davis Hwy.
Arlington VA 22202

MIA/IMA Radisson Center
711 N.W. 72 Ave.
Miami, FL 33126

There are a few items on the Summary Of APFA/AAL Restructuring
Participation Agreement that require some clarification:

Pay rates reduced by 15.6%- If you are scheduled for a pay increase due
to your length of service, you will receive your pay raise, however, it
will be reduced by 15.6% also. Additionally, there will be across the
board 1.5% pay raises beginning on 5/1/04 through the remainder of the

Company agrees to satellite base test- this test is to enable Flight
Attendants who commute, to originate from their home. This test will
begin with one city.
Minimum annual threshold- the 12 month look back period will begin
5/1/04. Those Flight Attendants currently on any type of Leave of
Absence or those who have previously dropped below the threshold, will
have the opportunity to meet the requirements of the 420 paid hour
threshold beginning 5/1/03.
Purser bidding obligation is reduced to 100 hours annually for both
Domestic and International.

We are all frustrated about our contract being gutted, but again…..no
one was actually going to be happy about giving up $340 million. We
just have to trust the people who are our fellow Flight Attendants
first, and then union officials. The same people who have reviewed over
and over again, all the facts. I urge you to review the Stock
Options, Equity, and Bankruptcy letters of agreements on
www.apfa.org . Please allow time to receive the mailer containing the
contract language, and participate in the web cast, before casting your

APFA National Communications Coordinator
1004 W. Euless Blvd.
Euless, TX 76040
800.395.2732 Ext. 8308
[email protected]