ATSB dramatically saves the IAM??

Aug 20, 2002
C''mon now, could yesterday''s announcement been timed any better for the purposes of the IAM? New villains to blame!!
Other random thoughts --
1. Jim Goodwin''s perish letter was probably his finest service to the company. Got him fired and the countdown going except for....
2. BOD member Creighton limping into a hostile situation and then proclaiming he didn''t realize the depth of the problem. And then amazingly he authorizes paper raises to a bunch of bullys, like writing the biggest rubber check of his life.
3. In another thread someone mentions selling of route authorities and such. I did not know these items could still be sold, who would want them and who has the bucks these days?
4. Leave Gordo alone. He''s just doing what competitors/predators do, and that is go hunting! UA used to do that very well. And can again.
5. Where is Bob Crandall when you really need the guy? Heck I''d even take Frank Bormann.
6. I like it when pilots are supremely confident, even arrogant. That''s why they get the big money. But I don''t like it when they are condescending and make fun of others just because the pilots made a poor bet. Can you say please step to the back of the line?
7. Is there any plan to individually contact the customers?
They will decide your future.
8. UA has a tremendous franchise and good people.
9. WN and jetblue don''t fly overseas.
10. Did Texas Pacific allow Bronner to have US because they saw a larger opportunity on the horizon?
11. Pinebob should be restricted to 25-word posts to save on server time.