Attn Management why wait so long to put out a weather


Aug 20, 2002
advisory? Since res seems to be short staffed why are we having passengers call back multiple times to check on a weather order to change for free? Does someone not realize this is clogging up the phone lines for new bookings...where is the common sense...after almost 500 calls on hold last week you'd think someone would have some's amazing..
Well, let's see. If the storms happen on a week-end or after 5pm any day of the week--they can't put out the advisory--they're home snug in their beds. If it happens the next morning--they can't come to work--and they have a weather policy--opps can't drive too much snow. Wait till everyone else gets there then go to work. Once they get there they have coffee and doghnuts and discuss how bad it was to get to work. Then they try to decide where we got hit worst. Then they call their buddies at the other airlines and discuss the weather. Then they sit and try and type out a memo which goes to a secretary--if she's there--then on to legal for approval--if they're there.
Then finally to the computer guys who try and figure out what is the best time to put out the bullentin--usually 5pm the next day.
It's always been that way--late bullentins making res look stupid to the public. That's why we took the bull by the horns--most of us oldies--and got permission to wave fees anyway.
Good luck--it ain't about to change.

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