Aviating Coincidence


Jan 3, 2008
On New Year’s Day, I decided to go out to airport that was about 10 miles north of my house and take photos of airplanes as they were landing. My wife bought me a really cool monster zoom lens for Christmas. While I was shooting pictures, I spotted a hot air balloon about 5 miles away that had just launched. I decided to chase the balloon and get some really cool late evening shots.

I was having a really good time and felt really alive while chasing this balloon through a small neighborhood. I found a clear spot and parked just in time for the balloon to fly directly over my head and I got some great shots. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

That night, we went to a New Year’s party across the street. The only people we knew were our neighbors who had invented us over. After about an hour, I overheard 2 guys talking about an airport and hot air balloons. I went over and started up an conversation with these guys. I told them that I had been out earlier in the day and had taken some great balloon shots and put them on my website. One of the guys was a balloonist and asked to see the shots. We got on my neighbors’ computer and pulled up my website. His jaw dropped and he said “that’s me!â€￾.

How weird to shoot pictures at some distant location and actually meet the pilot in the same day.

Here's the shot:

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