AVP latest victim


Sep 1, 2002
[P]Does anyone have any information on any other stations that are now mainline but going to express in January?[/P]
[P]Any rumors of ILM?[/P]
Well another one bites the dust...AVP given notice 2 days ago going mainline/express on Jan 6th....AVP maintained mainline presence for 47years....Customer service given option to stay for 13.01 hr...ramp is uncertain at this time....could be outsourced.....
Once US gets more RJ's on the property, I would think that ILM,PNS,SRQ,MDT and ABE will all lose mainline. Even larger markets like SAV and BHM could lose mainline service if US gets enough 70 seaters.
From what I understand, DAY and SDF went to 'mainline express' pay for customer service agents under the new CWA contract. The ramp is not fairing quite as well. I understand that ramp services in those stations is, or will be, contracted out to Signature flight support. It is interesting, the CWA contract that was negotiated seems to have caused a lose-lose situation for all employees (gate AND ramp) in field stations. I wonder why the IAM didn't include anything to protect their folks in field stations going to Express.
Why Not? Because the IAM sold the ramp guys down the river to give a better deal to maintenance employees and related. Why in Gods name due we still have Utility in out stations? What a joke!
I wouldn't be at all surprised if cities where U has to compete with WN, like ORF, PVD, and RIC (once WN starts service there) drop mainline service as more RJs become available. I doubt U's CASM will ever drop much below 9.5 cents, assuming it can ever get that low, which is still 2 cents more than WN. The fact that U can now look forward to paying CS types only $13/hr if they're Express vs $20 something for mainline is BIG incentive, not to mention lower salaries for RJ flight crews, etc. Even relatively small potato stuff like lower landing fees enter in. Of course, CWA won't care much...they'll still collect dues from Express agents.
[P]You are on drugs, we gave up $160 million a year and you gave 70 and you have more employees, we have been under a contract since 1949, you since 1999. Post facts not your opinions. Maybe if you ramp service did not take 4 votes to become union, you would have had something better to work with.[/P]
[P]And not one mechanic and related employee negotiated your concessions nor voted on it, look in the mirror and at your coworkers and be an adult and lay blame where blame belongs. [/P]
[P]At least we had the balls to vote ours down the first time.[/P]
To drop mainline in a city that WN serves, or is even considering would be foolish. Why offer the good old sewerpipe with jet engines to compete with a new 737. With all of the new cost cuts that are in place, there is no reason why we can't compete with WN. There is an article somewhere on this board that states the increase that airports are seeing when they or Jet Blue show up..I think it was about BTV. We already handed ISP & BWI over, why add to the list. If they attract more traffic, we match the fare and take our share of the business. They days of leaving town and handing it all over to the competition must stop.