Bangladesh blaze factory


Dec 28, 2009
SanFranFreako, KommieFornia
Yep, the pesky ILGWU ran the garment industry out of the US by demanding a safe work place, higher pay and etc...

Now we outsource the work to many countries that don't have these inconveniences.
Bangladesh blaze factory

Apparel factory fire reveals big brands' shadowy supply chains

DHAKA (Reuters) - Sweating and trembling as he fielded questions about last month's killer fire at one of his factories in Bangladesh, Delwar Hossain insisted he had no idea the workshop was making clothes for Wal-Mart Stores Inc when it went up in flames.
On the other side of the world, Wal-Mart said the factory - where 112 workers lost their lives - was not authorized to produce its merchandise and had been sub-contracted by a supplier without its permission.
That there should be such blind spots in the supply chain of the world's largest retailer is puzzling.
However, an investigation by Reuters since the November 24 blaze has found that, under pressure from big Western brands to produce huge volumes of apparel fast and at rock-bottom prices, Bangladeshi suppliers routinely sub-contract their orders.

Most U.S. shoppers don't care that 112 garment workers died; they just want a bargain

NEW YORK — Before purchasing a shirt, shoppers will run their hands over the fabric, look at the price tag and wonder how it will hold up in the washing machine. Some might even ask if it makes them look fat.
The one detail, however, that is rarely considered: What are the conditions like for the workers making the shirt?
A horrific fire that raced through a Bangladesh garment factory Saturday, killing 112 people, has put the spotlight — at least temporarily — back on those workers and their sometimes treacherous work environment.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

Wash, rinse and repeat.
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Oct 29, 2002
I don't care where or who made it or whether it was union made.....I want cheap stuff so I can afford it on my Obamabux monthly tax ration from the working mans wallet.