Bean Counters vs Aviation Leaders:


Nov 8, 2002
In 1980 I began working in aviation, covering postions in customer service,flight operations,maintenace,and QC.In this time and four airlines later, several key items in my thoughts have seperated the Bean Counters from the Aviation Leaders. First,leaders do just that,Lead, the airlines that will survive this current melt down, will be the ones with true leadership skills and the trust of the employees. With USairways,we do not seem to have these key items. The carriers with the Leadership skills are the ones everyone knows, first and formost is Southwest, yes their operation is different than Airways, but for the most part their leadership is by folks who are real aviation leaders,not just some empty suits, temp - job title holders that have worked for company A to Z, then milked the cow dry,and move on to the next one with their little group. We need leadership that can be trusted,end of rant...
N786P You are right, There was a article that was called Dumb and Dumber about W and G the two before Auston. The article had a piece about bean counters and leaders, but where are you going to find the leaders with the same board of directors that we have had for years. Got to get rid of the old thinking and have someone step in and stop blaming labor for all of managements mistakes. the easy way out is to take from your employees and put it in your own pocket. I quess that's what they teach in college these days,,,this is just my opinion