Blast blows hole in commercial plane over Somalia; 1 falls and dies

Yep. Hopefully the guy was concious and in pain as he fell away from the aircraft, realizing that it was still flying...without him on it.

Long way to the ground burned and broken and realizing you failed. No 72 virgins for you!
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The hole in the plane resembles the hole in the 707 at the end of Airport. Burt Lancaster quips "remind me to send a thank-you note to Mr Boeing."

Some give Airbus a bad rap for durability, but this A321 seems sufficiently engineered to withstand a bomb blast. These pilots should send a thank-you note to the Airbus engineers.
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Airport workers seen with laptop used in Somalia in-flight jet blast

(CNN)—Somali intelligence officials say two airport workers handled a laptop that concealed a bomb that later exploded in a passenger plane.

In a video made public on Sunday by officials, one airport worker takes the laptop and hands it to another employee.

The employees then hand it over to a man who was killed when the laptop explosion blew a hole in the plane's fuselage, said Abdisalam Aato, a spokesman for the Somali Prime Minister.

Both workers have been arrested.

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