Aug 20, 2002
Did anyone else notice that Southwest''s 3rd quarter financial report mentioned, almost as an aside, that the carrier will soon start BWI-SJC nonstop service? Maybe I simply missed it, but I don''t remember seeing any press release about this previously. Moreover, I have always thought that OAK would be Southwest''s first nonstop destination from BWI to the Bay Area, particularly with the problems that the Tech sector is currently experiencing. Maybe it''s to be further away from United''s BWI-SFO nonstops, although that type of issue has rarely been a major concern of Southwest. Who knows? But I''m sure Southwest will start BWI-OAK nonstop service at some point in the not-too-distant future as well.
Regardless, I guess this is just another indication that Southwest will be adding more transcons from BWI in the coming year. And I think that the next nonstop transcon route will be BWI-SEA, which US Airways dropped at the beginning of September. JMHO.
In addition to the new BWI-SJC transcon, by 4-1-2003 BWI will get 1 new n/s to BHM for a total of 4, 1 new n/s to FLL for a total of 4, 1 new n/s to MHT for a total of 10, 1 new n/s to BDL for a total of 9, 1 new n/s to TPA for a total of 5, 1 new n/s to ISP for a total of 9 and 4 new n/s to MCO for a total of 9.