Aug 20, 2002
Offering 12 FC and 116 Y seats to MEM. I was looking for something a little more substantial. But I am guessing that with AWA's a/c delivery schedule that there will not be too many new cities for the next year and a half that open with mainline service. That will only be accomplished by putting rjs on mainline routes to move the mainline planes to the new service. Kind of like how some of AWA's flights from PHX to LAX/SNA are now on rjs.
[SPAN class=headline][A href=""]America West Announces New Service for Memphis, Tenn.[/A][BR][BR][SPAN class=headline][A href=""]America West Announces Additional Service at Its Las Vegas Hub[/A][BR][BR][SPAN class=headline][A href=""]America West Announces New Service Between Eugene, Ore., And Its Las Vegas Hub[/A][/SPAN][/SPAN][/SPAN]
It looks like America West is attempting to gain more of a presence in the American Southeast. First was Raleigh/Durham, now it's Memphis. There was a rumor a while back that America West wanted to start CMH-BNA service with ERJ-145's, any idea if that might be viable now?