Callbacks in Res?


Aug 19, 2002
Heard that they started calling people back to reservations. They had to stop and wait because they don''t want them back till 06JAN03. Something with the contract states once called report date is 15 days later. Any truth to this???????
Also heard rumors of supposed callbacks, could not get any specifics if it was the vol or invol. I do know that when they offered vol furlough for Jan., anyone that requested it was denied.
A friend of mine on vol furlough was called this week, told she was being recalled as of Jan 06, 2003. She was called back and told recall was being resciended. She was told she would probably be contacted again next week. Total confusion on her part...She also was told in the first phone call that she could go back part-time if she wanted (she was full time when she left). In the second call, she was told she had to go back full time when recalled. As usual, everything clear as mud...

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