Aug 20, 2002
With the new (soon) Hook-up of 2 'ULTRA LOW-CO$T" carriers NK and FT which will DOUBLE in size (check out their respective route maps), If I were WN, I'd be needing some PEPTO BISMOL for the (near) FUTURE.

Both NK and FT have a relative Low Overhead $$$, because what they pay their VERY FEW employees, Peanuts !


Jul 23, 2003
If anyone, Allegiant needs to be worried. Neither NK or F9 function as reasonable competition to the Big Four in that they do lots of odd flying and don't necessarily have the same daily schedule two days in a row...

This merger has been expected for quite some time.... William Franke and Indigo Partners have invested in both F9 and NK at different times in the last decade, and know both management teams very well. NK has been in questionable shape financially with COVID moreso than anyone else, and this might have been a quick way to avoid a bankruptcy.


Oct 23, 2010
Those two nickle and dime too much. They are in the ULCC group not LCC. Once folks compare the full price after all the added fees and charges for baggage they will see that it too close or even cheaper to go with SWA especially on in advance booking.
SWA don't need no PB, they will compete just as they always do and even charge less than them there newly merged airlines. SWA has deep enough pockets to that for an extended amount of time and right after a costly merger, they won't wanna endure such cost within a major fare war with SWA. Bring it on I tell ya. I love it when there are fare wars, it's all better for our customers and promotes more flying, so bring it on please...