Civil Reserve Air Fleet Has Been Activated


Oct 23, 2010
The article below says that the Biden administration MAY activate, but a news break just came across that they have activated it with 5 airlines so far participating. What I found a little interesting is Southwest is not one of them. Usually Southwest gets called upon to assist moving them around within the USA once they arrive from overseas. At least that is how they used SWA in the past. SWA doesn't need this right now as they are having too much trouble currently anyway. To pull aircraft out of the fleet now to help out would just make current situation even worse IMO.

Why doesn't the Biden administration activate military forces and groups first. There are other military groups that should have been called upon first, then later call for the airlines to help. What kind of guarantees are there for the safety of the airlines aircraft as well as the airline personnel flying them in and out???

Looks like WN will be doing some domestic flying as part of this operation.

A spokesperson for the Dallas-based carrier said the airline was ready to operate four charter flights on Monday and intends to operate a similar number on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Of course, the Southwest Team stands ready to provide additional support to the Department of Defense if needed. Since these are Department of Defense charter flights, we are unable to discuss the specific origin or destination cities,” the statement continued.
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Interesting Kev., as SWA was not mentioned in the news release or this more updated one below. Nice to hear they will keep the cities quiet though, no one needs to know anyway.

Agreed. But given that the 2 main bases where most refugees will go first has been announced, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out where WN planes will be landing.
Oh, that's right, I remember reading that too. That's right 2 cities were mentioned already.
They also added a 6th airline on the list in article above and now SWA has indicated to be participating as well, #7 airline.
This shows just how unprepared the State Department was for this crisis.... They could have arranged for AMC and other DOD lift with another week's notice. Instead, they're caught with their pants around their ankles and have to pull the fire alarm, forcing some airlines to have to cancel flights to meet their obligation.

Ah well. Just another page in the Senior Hour at the White House saga.
Did they have to cancel, though? This seems like a win-win, as carriers get to move metal that would've otherwise been sitting around, or flying things like ATL-JAX...
Doesn't anyone remember 'peace with honor!' and the fall of Vietnam?
Pretty crappy withdrawal with 3 years to prepare.
Oh, who was the POTUS?
Sucks Don't it?
I agree xUT. History repeating itself. He knew months ago that we were going to leave. Why did he not begin to get those vulnerable
people out and why did he not coordinate with our allies to get them out? Another not well planned chaotic withdrawal.
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Supposedly CRAF flying might be suspended following a measles outbreak.... seems the Afghani schools didn't require MMR vaccination.....