Concession Air


Mar 13, 2004
Maybe we should change our name to CONCESSION AIR, since that about the only thing that DAVE"s been able to accomplish, since he arrived at usairways.
It seems to be that his primary objective,is to extract labor concessions, and/or work rule changes (instead of running the airlines) simply by threatening the employee groups, with job losses, selling assets, and /or simply liquidating the airlines.
This seems to be a THREAT,rather then CONCESSIONARIE give back.
And now they,our customers, ( future passengers) read in all the news papers, (usairways chief on southwest airlines) "THEY"RE COMING TO KILL US.
A new LOW for DAVE.
Have we all forgotten the ANNOUNCEMENT just a few weeks ago,that DAVE & FRIENDS were getting --2% to 4% in RAISES.
He didn"t seem to be worried about the financial condition of the airlines then.
In his famous,(web cast) speech he tells us, we must VOTE YES,( what VOTE are you talking about,) HELLO DAVE!!! is there anyone in there.
The concession stand is not closed, dave IT"S OUT OF BUSSINESS, it FILED BANKRUPTCY.
He tells us to TAKE IT-- OR--LEAVE!
We the employees who do our jobs every day of the years should send DAVE a clear message. IF YOU CAN"T DO YOUR JOB (running OUR airline) then maybe YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE LEAVING.

P.S. If you forget to VOTE on the way out, will consider it a NO VOTE.

Hula Girl

Aug 20, 2002
Remember the bigger announcement last week? That FEDEX bought 50 or USAir's airplanes??!! Gee, someone has a credibility issue and may want to seek other horizons. And by the way, typing in capital letters is rude. It is computerspeak for yelling.


Jan 5, 2004
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Hula girl, i realize and you realize that Caps are bad, but for many people, and I can conclude myself into that equation before I learned computer language, that CAPS are really meant to accentuate the message. Go easy Ratboy He is really just trying to get his point across, just like all of us here. ;)


Mar 13, 2004
Sorry about the caps, didn"t realize i was being rude. This is really all new to me. thanks for the heads -up, just trying to fit in.


Jul 14, 2003
personally i think the "Fedex" story was complete crap. Kinda made me a little mad. Free speech i guess...


Jan 17, 2004

I don't care if you yell. SOmetimes it's good for the soul! Kind of like screaming into a pillow. Sometimes I yell - sometimes I cry. It just depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Today?

DAVE HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 24, 2004
RATBOY said:
Sorry about the caps, didn"t realize i was being rude. This is really all new to me. thanks for the heads -up, just trying to fit in.
Hi Ratboy,

just for your (and maybe other's) info, here is a summary of what is called:


Netiquette establishes rules to ensure that demonstrate good manners and the protocol of cyberspace. Here are a few guiding principles that are intended to help understand what is acceptable online behavior and what is not.

1. Think of your comments as being printed in newspapers.
2. Passion about a topic is acceptable, but being overly emotional is not.
3. Do not key your messages in all caps. THIS IS LIKE “YELLINGâ€￾ ONLINE!
4. No flaming (attack against the author of a posting).
5. Disagree politely. Use courteous, good language.
6. Avoid disrupting the flow of conversation.
7. Keep conversation on topic or create new threads, chat topics.
8. Praise and encourage classmates for their comments.
9. Include a useful subject line when using the Discussion Board and when sending mail messages.
10. Check the message recipient before sending your message. Be sure the message is going to person/s to whom you want to send it.
11. Use emoticons to express feelings! :) ;->
12. Familiarize yourself with basic NetSpeak:
· BTW = by the way
· FAQ = frequently asked questions
· IMHO = in my humble opinion
· WTG = way to go

Want to read more about Netiquette? Click on these links: Click on the Netiquette button.